• The Athlon Values

    By living the values, discussing them with each other and continuously filling them with meaning, we will keep on fostering a great company culture together.

    • Integrity, Openness & Respect
    • Inspired, Empowered & Diverse People
    • Customer Focus
    • Commitment to Excellence
    • Financial & Social Responsibility
    • Sustainability

Integrity, Openness and Respect

Respect is key in all I do.
I respect other people’s opinions and treat them the way I like to be treated.
And when someone comes up with a great idea which I use for one of my projects, I make sure they get the credit for it as well!”

You are Athlon. And our Core values connect us all. Integrity, Openness and Respect is one of our values. Some ways to live this value is to accept the differences, view and mindsets of others and to acknowledge their contribution. We should always be courteous and listen well.

And of course we treat everyone the same.

Inspired, Empowered and Diverse People

“Thanks to the diverse composition of my team, we come up with very creative and different ideas.
It inspires us to look at things differently and enables us to speak in the voice of our customer.”

You are Athlon. And our Core values connect us all. Inspired, Empowered and Diverse People is one of our values. We can contribute to this value by including people who are different from us in our daily activities, and to actively seek out different opinions. To inspire and empower people, we need to take responsibility but, where possible, also delegate to others to help them grow and flourish. And don’t forget to have fun!

Financial & Social Responsibility

“When creating and requesting budgets I always look for synergies.
You can only spend a Euro once, so I make sure I don’t invest in something that is already available in the organization.”

You are Athlon. And our Core values connect us all. Financial & Social Responsibility is one of our values. We can all contribute in different ways, like being more critical in our spending by actively connecting to peers to see if you can do things together. Social responsibility can take many forms, like giving underprivileged people a chance, or actively reducing our carbon footprint.

Customer Focus

“The Customer is the key in all my thinking and I’m committed to make their life easier.
I take the time to talk to them to really understand their needs and try to offer them solutions before they have even been able to formulate their challenge.”

You are Athlon. And our Core values connect us all. Customer Focus is one of our values. You can show this by exhibiting a ‘can-do’ attitude: helping the customer where you can, even it means extra effort. Responding to questions, being proactive, and anticipating on the customers wishes are also examples of this value.


“I contribute to a better world by actively reducing the amount of waste I produce, I recycle and I use as little gas and electricity as possible. I believe many small things add up and I encourage people around me to also do their part.”

You are Athlon. And our Core values connect us all. Sustainability is one of our values. This means that we should always take the environmental impact of our actions into consideration. We can do this by limiting our own environmental footprint and challenging our colleagues to do the same. We should try to encourage our suppliers to also act responsibly. And of course, we have the expertise to help our customers to achieve their environmental ambitions as well.

Commitment to Excellence

“I strive for the best in all I do, and have a ‘first time right’ mentality.
I share my knowledge and go the extra mile to make sure I deliver to the best of my abilities.”

You are Athlon. And our Core values connect us all. Commitment to Excellence is one of our values. We need to seek out opportunities to grow and educate ourselves and to share our knowledge as much as possible. Excellence should also be acknowledged, rewarded and celebrated.

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